eLearning Baltics (eLBa) 2012 eLBa Science - International Scientific eLearning Conference

The 5th international conference »eLearning Baltics« (eLBa) 2012 will again bring together researchers, practitioners and scientists, people using eLearning products and services as well as people producing them. eLBa 2012 will cover different aspects of learning and teaching with digital media in various settings such as classroom, university, workplace, home or mobile environments. This includes formal as well as informal methods and technologies in different branches like research, construction, manufacturing and on different levels like the office or shop-floor-level in manufacturing. It will address diverse topics and perspectives, technologies and theories, implementations and evaluations of eLearning from the fields of computer science, pedagogy, psychology and design. Accordingly, we invite experts from all these fields to contribute to eLBa 2012. Like the previous eLBa conferences, eLBa 2012 consists of three parts: eLBa Science –- an international scientific conference, eLBa Business –- a business congress and user forum, eLBa Exhibition –- an accompanying exhibition for eLearning products and services. Contributions to eLBa Science 2012 must be submitted as extended abstracts in English language. Accepted submissions will have to be presented by at least one author at eLBa 2012 in Rostock and will be published in the conference roceedings. Selected papers will be published additionally in the Springer Journal “Transaction on Edutainment”.

21.06.2012, 20:10 Uhr - 22.06.2012, 20:10 Uhr


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sybille Hambach, M.A.; Martin Hagemann
E-Mail: info@e-learning-baltics.de

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