ICDE World Conference on Online Learning

Die 28. World Conference on Online Learning findet in Dublin statt. Die Veranstaltung beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema „Transforming Lives and Societies“ und der wachsenden Anzahl an neuen Modelversuchen von Open, Online und Digital Learning. Das Ziel ist es, die vielen aktuellen Probleme und Möglichkeiten zu diskutieren, mit denen die Pädagogen in der heutigen global vernetzten Welt konfrontiert werden.

03.11.2019 - 07.11.2019

Why attend the World Conference? The 28th ICDE World Conference on Online Learning taking place in Dublin is one of the largest and most prestigious international conferences in the area. The conference theme of “Transforming Lives and Societies” anchors the growth of new models of open, online and digital learning in a number of big questions and the wider context of the Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to explore many of the contemporary problems and opportunities facing today’s educators in the globally connected digital-era. The organising team in the National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) at Dublin City University (DCU) promise a truly unique Irish experience along with an exciting and engaging conference programme. There will also be plenty of opportunities for delegates to mix socially and enjoy the sights and delights of Dublin.


Art des Termins

  • Konferenz / Tagung / Symposium


  • Präsenzveranstaltung