Call for Papers: Currents in Electronic Literacy

09.10.2007 | Ausschreibung

Die Harausgeber des Journals "Currents in Electronic Literacy", einem Peer-Reviewed E-Journal, suchen Artikel, über "the role or the relevance of the cultural commons for those working, teaching, or living in a mediated age".

Aus dem Call for Papers: "As new media enable us to collaborate, share information, disseminate texts, and pull from the collective and creative resources that the humanities have traditionally celebrated, we face new challenges on a variety of fronts. What are the legal implications of sharing copyrighted (or copylefted texts)? What constitutes “fair use” in an age when most cultural artifacts can quickly be scanned and posted for public consumption? (How) are we ethically and scholastically obligated to evaluate or cite sources that have been read and reviewed by a worldwide community of arguably critical and invested readers? (How) do profit (or exploitation) work when users determine content willfully and energetically?

Einreichungen (Umfang 1500-5000 Wörter, je nach Kategorie) sind bis zum 15. Dezember möglich.Kontakt und weitere Informationen unter:

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