18.06.2012 | Veranstaltungshinweis

28. - 30.11.2012 18th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training - The Largest Global E-Learning Conference for the Corporate, Education and Public Service Sectors

The world has changed. Society is no longer the same. Today, people live, work, relax and, above all, learn very differently. We expect flexibility – we want to be able to choose, to adapt. We don’t want the past or tradition to dictate to us. Technology has given us the freedom to do this.

As the overall theme for ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2012, 'Reaching Beyond Tomorrow,' will investigate how we get from our present situation in the midst of a crisis, to a brighter, better and more inclusive future in which technology enables everyone to improve and enrich themselves.

People with a passion for learning often talk about the need to adapt practices to engage with different generations, taking account of changing lifestyles, flexible working environments and new global challenges. However, old ways are slow to die. Learners often outpace their teachers, mentors or trainers. They are taking more control by pulling technology in the direction that they want it to go. Social unrest is rife and we have seen riots, protests and the emergence of an increasingly disaffected youth. Education must consider the part it can play in addressing these issues. It is time to focus on relevance.

 How can education and training continue to adapt? How does technology give learners the freedom to choose? Can it offer a more inclusive future for lifelong learning? What can learning professionals do to keep up? How can workplace learning innovate and respond to change? Is society heading in the right direction? How can technology help us to reach our destination? Join us for this year’s ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN conference and exhibition to discover and discuss how we address these issues.

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