Konferenz: European Learning & Teaching Forum 2022

Das European Learning & Teaching Forum ist eine Veranstaltung der „European University Association" (EUA), die den Teilnehmenden die Möglichkeit bietet, sich zu Entwicklungen im Bereich Lernen und Lehren an europäischen Universitäten auszutauschen. 2022 steht die Konferenz unter dem Motto „On site, online, on point?“. Eine Anmeldung ist bis spätestens 2. Februar 2022 möglich.

17.02.2022 - 18.02.2022

While the Covid-19 pandemic has posed considerable challenges to the higher education sector, it has also resulted in an innovation drive, with many universities rethinking the methods and formats that work best for their learners. In reflecting about the future, many questions remain: Looking beyond the trend of the moment, how can new technologies really enhance learning and teaching? How can digitalisation be embedded in a university’s culture in a way that serves the institution’s strategic objectives? How can the potential of digitalisation be harnessed to increase equity of access to learning? What will the implications be for internationalisation? These and many other questions will be at the heart of the event.


The Forum will be of interest to vice-rectors for academic affairs, deans, programme directors, academic staff and researchers focusing on learning and teaching. The Forum also welcomes the participation of students, policy makers and other stakeholders in higher education.


E-Mail: info@eua.eu

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Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung ist in der Regel kostenpflichtig.


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