Media & Learning 2018: Video in Higher Education

Diese Konferenz stellt die aktuellen pädagogischen und technischen Entwicklung zum Einsatz von Video in der Lehre vor. Interaktive Vorträge, Präsentationen, Diskussionen und praxisorientierte Workshops bieten die Möglichkeit, sich über das Themengebiet zu informieren und neue Lösungen und Ansätze kennen zu lernen. Die Tagungssprache ist Englisch.

Leuven, Belgien

This highly interactive conference is aimed at academic, technical, production and support staff as well as researchers involved in the use of video to support learning in higher education who would like to share their experiences and build then know-how from a pedagogical, technical and organisational point of view.

Target Themes
The main themes of the Media & Learning 2018 conference are:

  • Innovating learning
  • Exploring different video-based formats
  • Scaling up services
  • Improving the effectiveness of video
  • Video as an assessment tool
  • Video-based learning analytics
  • Augmenting video


Target Audience
The Media & Learning Video in Higher Education Conference 2018 will provide a platform to those responsible for creating, promoting and using video on and off campus. It will promote the sharing of best-practice, exchange of know-how and hands-on amongst practitioners and potential practitioners. It will provide an opportunity for policy-makers and decision-makers to discuss how to enhance their use of video in the broader context of creativity and innovation in universities and colleges.

Media & Learning 2018 is aimed at the following:

  • Policy-planners, decision-makers and administrative staff responsible for promoting digital innovation in higher and further education
  • Producers of video-based resources for use in education and training including traditional educational media producers
  • Researchers involved in investigating the impact of video in pedagogical contexts
  • Commercial and non-commercial suppliers of video-based tools and services
  • Technicians, technical experts and support staff responsible for providing video-related services to higher and further education institutions
  • Teachers and trainers with responsibility and/or interest in the creation of user-generated video-based resources as well as the use of existing video resources.


For further information and registration please visit the website of the conference.


Media & Learning Secretariat c/o ATiT
Telefon: +32 16 284040

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Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung ist in der Regelkostenpflichtig.

250 €


Inhalte / Themen

  • Mediendidaktik

Art des Termins

  • Konferenz / Tagung / Symposium


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