Call for Papers: Digital Humanities Congress 2020

Alle zwei Jahre findet die Konferenz „Digital Humanities Congress“ an der University of Sheffield, Großbritannien, statt. 2020 ist es wieder soweit: Vom 10. bis 12. September lädt das Institut Digital Humanities der University of Sheffield alle Interessierten ein, sich über das Thema Digital Humanities auszutauschen und ihr Wissen und ihre Ideen mit anderen zu teilen. Dazu suchen die Organisatoren noch Unterstützung in Form von Beiträgen. Die Einreichungsfrist endet am 29. Februar 2020.


Digital humanities is understood by Sheffield to mean the use of technology within arts, heritage and humanities research as both a method of inquiry and a means of dissemination. As such, proposals related to all disciplines within the arts, humanities and heritage domains are welcome.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals on all aspects of the digital humanities are welcome.

For example, proposals might wish to focus on:

  • New knowledge and insights within areas of humanities research which have arisen from the use of digital applications, techniques or methodologies. These proposals might focus on how specific research questions were solved.
  • Case studies, best practice and evolving trends concerning the development of research resources, tools, frameworks and environments within the humanities, such as digital editions, mobile applications, virtual worlds, surface computing, web services and GIS
  • Technologies and techniques which bring value to humanities research, such as data mining, crowd-sourcing, linked data, text encoding, digitisation, ontology building, sentiment analysis, augmented reality, 3D visualisation and virtual worlds.
  • Standards, best practice and case studies for data creation, data collection, development methodologies, usability testing, preservation, sustainability and accessibility.
  • Issues and emerging trends within the technology and the information environment which do or might impact on humanities research. This might concern new technology, social trends, infrastructure, policy, funding, assessing value or pedagogy.

Contributors can propose individual papers, or sessions of three or more papers on a related theme.

Proposals for individual papers

Individual papers will be to a maximum of 20 minutes duration. Each paper will then be allotted a further 10 minutes for questions.

Proposals for Sessions

Sessions will consist of three or more papers on a related theme to a maximum of 60 minutes. Each session will then be allotted a further 30 minutes for questions.

Submission Process and Deadline

Proposals should be submitted in Microsoft Word or plain text format to the following email address:

The deadline for submissions is 29th February 2020.


Proposals are welcome from academics, researchers, postgraduate students, professionals from within the cultural, heritage and information sectors, technologists and SMEs. Proposals are welcome from UK and international contributors.


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