EUA Webinar: Covid-19 and changes in learning and teaching

Die European University Association (EUA) gibt in dem Webinar am 11. Juni 2020 einen Überblick zu den Veränderungen des Lernen und Lehrens während der Corona Krise: Welche Hürden wurden bereits genommen und welche gestalten sich als schwierig? Wie werden Hochschulen mit den Veränderungen umgehen und was hat man für die kommenden Semester bereits gelernt?


Since the Covid-19 outbreak, universities across Europe have been adapting their ways of teaching and interacting, mostly by shifting to online mode. This webinar will examine changes in learning and teaching during the coronavirus crisis: which challenges have been solved, which ones still prevail? How have higher education institutions managed to transform learning and teaching in this context? What are the lessons learnt so far, and what are the prospects and future scenarios for the autumn semester, and beyond?  

University representatives from different European countries will share their experiences with remote teaching, their plans for the autumn, and their views on the overall impact of the Covid-19 crisis on learning and teaching. Registrations are now open to EUA members and anyone else interested in the topic.


  • Kornelia Freitag, Vice President for Learning and Teaching and International Affairs, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
  • Manel Jimenez Morales, Commissioner for Education and Communication projects, Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain
  • Wyn Morgan, Vice President for Education, University of Sheffield, UK


Art des Termins

  • Workshop / Seminar


  • Präsenzveranstaltung