Hackathon: DigiEduHack

Der Hackathon „DigiEduHack“ findet in Form von Online-, Blended- und Präsenzveranstaltungen statt. Die Hauptveranstaltung wird von der „Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union“ gemeinsam mit IRCAI unter der Schirmherrschaft der UNESCO ausgerichtet. Eine Anmeldung ist erforderlich.


DigiEduHack is an opportunity for anyone in the world to solve pending digital education issues. Coders and non-coders, beginners and experienced educators, citizens from anywhere in the world: everyone can make change happen in digital education.

How does ist work?

DigiEduHack is free, inclusive, sustainable and open to all: choose an open challenge, register on digieduhack.com and take part online or in-person on the 9-10 November 2021. After the event, a challenge winner is designated by each challenge-owner. All the challenge-winning solutions are then assessed by the DigiEduHack steering group, which designate 10 to 12 finalists. The finalists are put up for a public vote. The 3 finalists with the most votes become the DigiEduHack 2021 Global Award winners.

Global Award

The three DigiEduHack 2021 Global Award winning teams will each get 5000€ and their members will be nominated DigiEduHack Global Ambassadors for a year. The three DigiEduHack 2021 Global Award winning teams will receive their awards and will be invited to pitch their solution to Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, during a high-level Awarding ceremony in 2022. 


  • 9-10 November 2021: DigiEduHack 2021 takes place in Europe and beyond
  • 17 November 2021: All challenge winners are announced
  • February 2022: The 10 to 12 finalists are announced and the solutions are put up for a public vote
  • April 2022: The 3 solutions with the most votes are declared Global Winners of DigiEduHack 2021


E-Mail: contact@digieduhack.com

Weitere Informationen


Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung ist kostenfrei.


Art des Termins

  • Konferenz / Tagung / Symposium


  • Blended (Face-to-Face/Online)