OEB Global 2021: Shaping the Future of Learning

Vom 01. bis 03. Dezember 2021 findet wieder die OEB Global, Europas größte internationale Konferenz und Ausstellung zum Thema digitales Lernen und Lehren, statt. Dieses Jahr widmen sich Keynotes, Workshops und viele weitere Formate dem Motto „Learning Resilience“.


Online Educa Berlin (OEB) is the annual global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on digital learning and training. The event has a unique focus, bringing you to the forefront of developments in learning technology. Since 1995, insights gained at OEB have pointed the way towards the future of learning. 

In a world changed forever by a global pandemic, no single word is more important than 'resilience.' It is the secret to overcoming the past, the key to the future. But what do we mean by it? How can we become resilient? Should we learn resilience? Can it be taught? How should we invest in resilience? And how can we make learning itself resilient?


  • Making Higher Education Fit for Purpose
  • Getting to Grips with Learning Design and EdTech
  • Stimulating Social Connectivity
  • Using Data to Accelerate Outcomes
  • The Individual in the Learning Organisation
  • Reconceptualising Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Tutoring
  • Achieving Policy Aspirations
  • Content for Good
  • L&D's Influence
  • Setting Course for Collaboration between Sectors

Keynote Speakers

Sina Fäckeler (Global Head of People Development & Well-being, Axa Group Operations, Germany), Rose Luckin (Professor of Learner Centred Design at UCL Knowledge Lab and Director of EDUCATE, UK), Sean Michael Morris (Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab, University of Colorado Denver, USA), Perttu Pölönen (Futurist, Inventor and Author, Finland), Marleen Stikker (Founder of Waag, Professor of Practice at HvA, Member of the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation), Fons Trompenaars (Organisational theorist, Author and Consultant at Trompenaars Hampden-Turner).


E-Mail: info@oeb.global
Telefon: +49 (0)30 726 21 33 09

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Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung ist in der Regel kostenpflichtig.


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  • Konferenz / Tagung / Symposium


  • Präsenzveranstaltung
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