Online Higher Education Quality: Design Technology, Leadership

Vom 28.-30 Juni 2023 findet erstmalig die Online Higher Education Quality (OHEQ) Conference der Universität Wroclawski zum Thema „Design, Technology und Leadership“ statt. Die englischsprachige Konferenz ist kostenpflichtig. Eine Anmeldung ist bis zum 31. März 2023 online möglich.

28.06.2023 - 30.06.2023

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged the idea of distance learning in many various ways. Online teaching and learning became not only a necessity imposed by authorities, but also a convincing mode of knowledge transfer in various pedagogical and didactic environments. Now, more than two years after the pandemic started, the overarching concern remains how to respond to the opportunities that the pandemic has created for creating, developing, reinforcing, strengthening, and propagating viable systems of distance learning and teaching as a well-grounded, convincing, effective, and fully justifiable online delivery.

And in the future, it is all the more so important to step back in order to take stock of what happened during the COVID years in terms of school system governance, limitations of infrastructure or service provisions, access to critical resources, course design and implementation, adverse experience, remarkable adaptations, and creative workarounds, instructors’ and students’ attitudes and perceptions towards e-learning. Referring back to COVID-19, the idea is a transition into non-pandemic environment and/or a smooth shift into online communication in situations in which traditional face-to-face meeting proves impossible.

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