EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2010

Open Educational Resources (OER) are a major topic among E-Learners and E-Teachers. The annual European assembly of E-Learning and education professionals in Lisbon will focus on the question, how opening education can contribute to social inclusion agendas and promote economic welfare through better equipping citizens with necessary skills. At present the main issue is the discussion on the assurance of quality in User Generated Content and freely available material, as free information can not to be expected as true information. The EFQUEL Innovation Forum invites members, friends, partners and of course all those who want to join the community, to share ideas, participate actively, enlarge networks and exchange visions. The Forum is organized by the Catholic University of Portugal in cooperation with the National Institute for Public Administration of Portugal and is broadcasted via Facebook.

08.09.2010, 15:00 Uhr - 10.09.2010, 12:30 Uhr


E-Mail: info@efquel.org
Telefon: +32 26 39 30 32

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