DREAM Conference 2008

DREAM Conference «Digital Content Creation» In knowledge-based societies, competence formation through education is key, and the formative role played by digital communication is widely acknowledged. However, one of the major challenges today is the mismatch between the digital resources nurtured by users in and outside of formal educational contexts. This conference will present and discuss the most advanced and exciting research on digital content creation, its socio-cultural contexts and educational consequences. Topics of interest include: Digital content creation: creative processes and textual reappropriations, Competence fomration through digital content creation: personal voice or commercial coercion?, Institutional ramifications of digital content creation for learning, Studying digital content creation: the challenge of new methodologies. Abstracs (400 words) are welcome until 1 June 2008.

18.09.2008, 16:55 Uhr - 20.09.2008, 16:55 Uhr

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