ECTEL 2010

FIFTH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING SUSTAINING TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING (TEL): FROM INNOVATION TO LEARNING AND PRACTICE - The TEL community is faced by new research questions related to large scale deployment of technology enhanced learning, support of individual learning environments through mashup and social software, new approaches in TEL certification, etc.. Furthermore, for new approaches are required for TEL design, implementation, and use to improve the understanding and communication of educational needs among all stakeholders, ranging from researchers, learners, tutors, educational organizations, companies, TEL industry, and policy makers. ECTEL 2010 will bring together technological developments, learning models, and implementations of new and innovative approaches to training and education. The conference will explore how the synergy of multiple disciplines, ranging from Computer Science, Education, Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Social Science, can provide new, more effective and more especially more sustainable, technology-enhanced learning solutions to learning problems. The conference welcomes researchers and developers from European and Non-European countries and industries to present recent advancements from technologies, applications, and learning models in all areas of technology enhanced learning.

28.09.2010, 04:00 Uhr - 01.10.2010, 04:00 Uhr

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