LINQ 2015

4th European Conference on Learning Innovations and Quality: The Need for Change in Education: Openness as Default? The main goal of LINQ 2015 is to bring together a variety of experts and professionals active in the field of innovations and quality in lifelong learning (LLL). LINQ will support an innovative exchange of the latest developments in learning, education and training innovations and quality on both a European and international level. Potential points of access to this field include new learning methods and design, open learning and education, technology-enhanced learning (TEL), quality standards and certification, human resources development, competences and skills, digital resources, learning materials, and online collaboration and communities. Paper submission deadline: 4 February 2015.

11.05.2015, 04:00 Uhr - 13.05.2015, 04:00 Uhr


Tatiana Shamarina-Heidenreich

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