2nd Global Conference Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds

The main aims of this conference are to increase our understanding of experiential learning in virtual worlds, to examine formal and informal learning in such worlds, and to critique both their essential characteristics and future possibilities. For the purposes of this call for papers, we define virtual worlds as 3D, immersive graphical environments representing realistic or imaginary worlds, in which users are co-presented as animated characters (avatars) and interact with each other and with the worlds' contents. However, we recognize both the complexity and contested nature of experiential learning in virtual worlds and welcome papers that challenge this definition. This conference will be of interest to educators, researchers, students, independent scholars, trainers, virtual world users, and anyone interested in what happens in virtual worlds and what it means for us as human (or virtual) beings.

12.03.2012, 02:00 Uhr - 14.03.2012, 02:00 Uhr

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