The European MOOCs Stakeholder Summit: „Post-Covid Prospects for Massive Open Online Courses – Quarantine boost or backlash?“

Vom 14. bis 16. Juni 2023 bietet das European MOOCS Stakeholder Summit eine Veranstaltung zum Thema „Post-Covid Prospects for Massive Open Online Courses – Quarantine boost or backlash?“ an. Die Veranstaltung findet am Griebnitzsee Campus des Hasso Plattner Institutes in Potsdam statt. Außerdem werden Teile der Vorträge online gestreamt, da es eine begrenzte Anzahl für die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung gibt.

14.06.2023 - 16.06.2023

These topics are in focus

  • Impact of the pandemic on digital education: Digital education, whether micro-credentials, MOOCs, blended learning formats, or other e-learning tools, received a major boost. How has the pandemic affected the development and delivery of MOOCs and other e-learning offerings all over Europe? Which projects can serve as models for successful digital learning and teaching? Which roles can MOOCs and micro-credentials bear in the current business transformation? Do we return to the routine we knew from pre-Corona times? Or have many things become established in the meantime, e.g. remote work, hybrid conferences, etc.?
  • Formalization of digital learning: The formerly informal MOOC offerings are becoming more and more formalized and embedded in existing ecosystems. Micro-credentials are just the beginning. From online study programs to fully online universities – what scenarios are conceivable?
  • MOOC networks and cooperations: Cooperations and networks such as MOOChub, the European MOOC Consortium, and the Common Micro-Credential Framework not only make MOOC research and developments more visible but also are an important building block for more standardization of formats and metadata.


Art des Termins

  • Konferenz / Tagung / Symposium


  • Präsenzveranstaltung (Online-Teilnahme möglich)