Webinar: „How to use Video Games and Virtual Reality in Distance Teaching"

Living Innovation veranstaltet in Zusammenarbeit mit Microsoft, der RWTH Aachen University, der Universität St. Gallen und der Arizona State University Center for Games and Impact, das Webinar „How to use Video Games and Virtual Reality in Distance Teaching". Thematisiert wird, wie Elemente von Videospielen in den Kontext Hochschulbildung übertragen werden können. Das Online-Event findet auf englisch statt, eine Anmeldung ist erforderlich.

14.10.2020, 16:00 - 17:30 Uhr

Teenagers and young adults spend up to two hours per day playing video games. With a predicted growth by 10%, the global games market will generate revenues of over 135 billion Euro in 2020. Can we transfer gaming elements to the higher educational teaching context?

For years, Virtual Reality (VR) has been predicted as „the next big thing in tech”. While VR is already commonly used in gaming and technical areas, virtual meeting and classrooms promise a bright future for VR. How could the virtual lecture room of the Smart University of the future look like?


  • Using Minecraft in distance teaching – practical examples brought to you by Bron
    Stuckey (Arizona State University Center for Games and Impact) and Stephen Reid (Senior Customer Engagement Specialist at Microsoft)
  • Engaging students by a Learning App – valuable insights by Jaqueline GasserBeck (University of St. Gallen) and Ralph Forsbach (Zense GmbH)
  • Teaching in Virtual Reality using Avatars – a visionary application by Heribert
    Nacken and Frank Piller (both RWTH Aachen University)

The team of professionals from academia and industry will share experiences on:

  • The do’s and don’ts of gamification in your classroom;
  • The pros and cons of VR in higher education; and
  • How to integrate gaming elements and VR in your course design


E-Mail: barbara.hofleitner@wu.ac.at


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  • Workshop / Seminar


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