9th Research Workshop CyberSafety

The digitization of society has brought new challenges to our daily lives. Not only do we now have to maintain a certain level of safety in the physical world but also in “cyberspace”. This is what is refered to as “cybersafety”. On 13th and 14th December 2013 the 9th Research Workshop of Univ.-Prof. Peter Baumgartner regarding the subject "CyberSafety " will take place at the IFF Vienna, Schottenfeldgasse 29, in Vienna. Special Guest will be Prof. Wouter Stol who is Professor at the Dutch Open University of the Netherlands and chair holder for CyberSafety at NHL University of Applied Sciences and the Dutch Police Academy. The 9th Research Workshop will be dealing with threads like cybercrime, internet addiction and cyber bullying among many others.

13.12.2013, 11:00 Uhr - 14.12.2013, 02:00 Uhr


Gerhild Schabasser
E-Mail: gerhild.schabasser@donau-uni.ac.at
Telefon: +43 2732 893-2359

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