EDEN Annual Conference 2013

E-learning, open and distance education have been important fields of intellectual excitement and innovative development. Challenges posed by the new technologies are permanent, and students constantly keep teachers under pressure to develop. Learning is becoming more and more individualized and self-managed. Individual and collective motivation, enhancement of the learning experience, and an overall improvement of learning quality are gaining ever-increasing traction. How can we do our best to make learning a thrilling experience for learners, including providing a sense of joy in the virtual classroom? The EDEN 2013 Conference will discover and present the latest best practice in this field, share progressive concepts, inventive solutions, and promote joint-thinking and collaboration. Discussion and debate will provide a range of innovative theories and approaches about the smart use of ICT tools, new methodologies for enhanced learning experience, content management systems, or fascinating solutions supported by game based learning, immersive environments, multimedia, etc. Online and Social: The 2013 Annual Conference will be supported and accompanied intensively by social networking, sharing, online and virtual presence and involvement possibilities. This will be strengthened by and implemented through the EDEN members' portal: the NAP Members Area on the web and its services.

12.06.2013, 16:15 Uhr - 15.06.2013, 16:15 Uhr


Conference Secretariat
E-Mail: oslo@eden-online.org

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