EuroPLop 2013

EuroPLoP 2013 is the premier European conference on patterns and pattern languages. Design patterns are a unique and effective way to capture and share expertise, tacit knowledge and research findings. <br> Unlike other conferences EuroPLoP 2013 focuses on improving papers instead of only presenting them. Authors will receive high quality feedback in a constructive way. The comments and suggestions can be used to improve submitted papers for final publication. <br> EuroPLoP 2013 will be held for the 18th time at Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany. At this fantastic venue you will experience a creative and constructive atmosphere that inspires your work. You will meet many like-minded people from both academic and industrial contexts who share a passion for outstanding designs. It’s a unique community of experts, researchers, practitioners and thought-leading people. <br> Our social activities are designed to build a community of experts and expand our network of academic and professional pattern enthusiasts. EuroPLoP is part of the *PLoP conference series that attracts participants from all over the world. EuroPLoP 2013 is sponsored by Hillside Europe.

10.07.2013, 04:00 Uhr - 14.07.2013, 04:00 Uhr

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