EDEN 2015

The EDEN 2015 annual conference themes are: Expanded learning scenarios, Opening the classroom, to expand education, Learning analytics from the "learning" perspective, Empowering learners, Expanded learning scenarios from the teaching perspective, as well as New generation of methodologies. How can the progressive and innovative academic and professional international community contribute in 2015 to the better understanding of the expansion of the educational landscape? The responsibility of the scholarly community includes widening the concept of learning and its role in society and exploiting transformative knowledge to drive social change. We need renowned reflections of practice that support paradigm-changing transformations based on systematic knowledge. Paper Submission ends on 31 January 2015.

09.06.2015, 04:00 Uhr - 12.06.2015, 04:00 Uhr


Conference Secretariat
E-Mail: barcelona@eden-online.org

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