ihe 2014: 1st International Conference on the use of iPads in Higher Education

ihe 2014 is the world’s 1st international research conference about iPad use in Higher Education (HE). Participants are invited to join scholars, learning technologists and practitioners from across the globe to share insights into teaching practice and student learning in an interdisciplinary and collaborative interchange of experience. The conference seeks to provide a common forum for the varied forms of research on the use of iPads HE, and to explore innovative models of learning using the iPad. The iPad computer tablet is described as a category-defining phenomenon, a game-changer and a transformative experience. Increasingly, many higher education (HE) institutions around the world are embedding the use of iPads in teaching and learning. Yet, despite the prevalence of the iPad in comparison to other tablets both in the market and in educational institutions, there is a noticeable shortage of research on the use of this tablet in HE. The main aim of the 1st international conference is to encourage research, debate, reflection and exchange of ideas on the use of iPads in HE. The theme is broad to encourage contributions from a variety of disciplines and to bring together researchers and academics from a wide spectrum of HE fields and educational practices. Registration is now open.

20.03.2014, 10:30 Uhr - 22.03.2014, 15:00 Uhr


Stefania Savva
E-Mail: stefania.savva@cut.ac.cy

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