MERLOT International Conference 2008

The MERLOT Conference Committee invites you to attend the eighth Annual MERLOT International Conference (MIC08) to be held in Minneapolis. The MIC08 conference theme MERLOT: Still Blazing the Trail and Meeting New Challenges in the Digital Age recognizes that Trailblazers do more than keep people on the right path. They help people see where to begin and provide direction. How can educators and users of instructional technology around the world prepare for a future filled with technology that provides content at a faster-and-faster pace? How can instructional technology be used to enhance teaching and learning? Who will organize all this change? This year’s Conference Committee expects that we will all do this together. Conference attendees span all disciplines and the continuum from novice to expert in the development and use of online resources. Deadline für Einreichungen war der 15.02.2008

07.08.2008, 20:55 Uhr - 10.08.2008, 20:55 Uhr



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