PLE Conference 2011

The PLE 2011 Conference is the second international conference on Personal Learning Environments following the inaugural event in 2010 in Barcelona. The PLE Conference is intended to produce a space for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas, experience and research around the development and implementation of PLEs – including the design of environments and the sociological and educational issues that they raise. Whilst the conference includes a traditional research paper strand, we particularly encourage proposals for sessions in different formats including workshops, posters, debates, café sessions and demonstrations aiming to sustain the dynamic, vibrant and interactive discussions established by the opening event in Barcelona in 2010.The PLE Conference 2011 is also hosting the PLE Mediacast Contest with awards for best three mediacast productions. The best papers submitted to the PLE Conference will be considered for publication in the special issues of International Journal for Virtual and Personal Learning Environments and Digital Educational Review.

11.07.2011, 15:00 Uhr - 14.07.2011, 01:30 Uhr



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