Open Education Policy Forum

Das Open Education Policy Forum findet am 15. und 16. September 2022 zum sechsten Mal statt. In diesem Jahr steht das „Universum der Offenheit“ im Fokus, das sich seit Beginn der digitalen Lehre erweitert hat.

15.09.2022 - 16.09.2022

Open Education Policy Forum is an international conference organised by Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation in cooperation with Communia Association, Hewlett Foundation, Intellectual Property Institute, OEGlobal and Otwarte Zasoby.

It is a space created to bring together stakeholders (activists, researchers, teachers, policy makers) from around the world to exchange good practices and discuss challenges and opportunities faced by the Open Education community. The goal is to provide an opportunity for networking, exchange of knowledge and future collaborations.

“The Universe of Openness” – about the upcoming edition of the Forum

The global pandemic has radically changed the way we learn. Due to the restrictions, almost 90% of all countries worldwide started offering online learning. Open Education became a real game-changer during this time. That is why this year’s Forum is dedicated to the discussion about the different aspects of Open Education that helped teachers, educators, parents and students during the unexpected and difficult time of remote education as well as the challenges that we face in global climate crisis and its relation to Open Education. With so many various projects in progress and people involved in the Open Education community, the following questions arise:

  • What role can Open Education play after the pandemic?
  • How can we ensure the growth of importance of OE in education in the upcoming future?
  • Why is research in the field of Open Education so important and how can we collaborate to turn research results into policy action?
  • How do we define Green & Climate Education in Open Educational Resources?

The Forum is a digital-only conference and participation in all events will be available via Zoom app. The conference will be held in English. All events are free of charge.


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