Workshop on Sustainability of Open Educational Resources

Das EU-Projekt „X5GON” und die Universität Osnabrück laden zu einem internationalen Workshop unter dem Motto "Nachhaltigkeit von Open Educational Ressources (OER)" ein. Dabei sollen vor allem die Möglichkeiten von OER für ein besseres und interessanteres Lehren beleuchtet werden.


With Open Educational Resources, opportunities for better and more exciting teaching are being made available, shared in an increasing way. In the European project X5GON they are investigating ways in which Artificial Intelligence can enhance the learning experience and how teachers can be encouraged to produce and share their lectures in the knowledge that these will be made simple to find and use by other teachers and learners.

The creation, maintenance and quality assurance of OER are resource-intensive processes, which are provided by many supporters and volunteers. The appreciation of this achievement should consist not only of the use of this learning material, but also of creating lasting sustainability. This creates a foundation that motivates people to contribute to OER and drive technological development.

Main Topics

  • Open Educational Resources
  • Sustainability of OER and (open-source) software
  • Technologies for OER


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Art des Termins

  • Workshop / Seminar


  • Präsenzveranstaltung