ICALT 2008

06.11.2007 | Veranstaltungshinweis

01.07.2008 - 06.07.2008The 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies in the Information society aims to explore the role of learning technologies to step forward in the transformation from the information society to a knowledge society where everybody (independently of race, sex, abilities, capabilities, ...) can be benefit from technologies to enhance her learning process. This opens a world of opportunities for analysing the use of technology in inclusive learning environments that take into account the characteristics and expectations of different kinds of users and different kinds of learning experiences, whether formal or informal, individual or cooperative, life-long or short term...

Einreichungen sind bis zum 15.01.2008 möglich.

Für weitergehende Informationen besuchen Sie bitte: http://www.ask4research.info/icalt/2008/

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