GMW-Workshop "Web 2.0 - E-learning 2.0 - Quality 2.0"

18.11.2009 | Veranstaltungshinweis

Monday, 23rd November 2009, Central University Administration (ZUV) Erlangen

Download a lecture from the seminar web page as a pod cast in the morning, take part in an online session of an international studying group for the purpose of preparing for an exam in the afternoon and log into the virtual world of Second Life to take part in a tutorial relating to the morning`s lecture - the daily routine of studying looks like this or similar more and more often. In companies, online trainings are no longer visions of a distant future, but reality for more and more employees. Teaching and learning is changing as well. The term "e-learning" comprises the use of online tools such as blogs, wikis or pod casts for learning an teaching. Learners can create their own contents and exchange information in networks like the video platformYouTube. In many cases, reality looks different still and e-earning means merely putting seminar texts online on a learning platform. Stephan Downes, who choined the term "e-learning 2.0", describes it with words such as "learner centered", "immersive learning", "connected learning", "game-based learning", "workflow (informal) learning", "mobile learning". But what is really meant by that? What constitutes the new, innovative element that is described by Web 2.0 (Tim O`Reily 2004/5) and e-learning 2.0? And above all: Will this development have consequences for quality assurances, management and development in e-learning? And if so: Do we need new methods and concepts to improve an assure the quality of e-learning 2.0. Thes questions are the therms for the interactive expert workshop.

As places are limited, please register for the workshop or further questions sending an email to Mr. Thomas Kretschmer

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