Mozilla Drumbeat Festival: Learning, freedom and the web

11.08.2010: 03.11.2010 - 05.11.2010 in Barcelona

Mozilla Drumbeat ist eine Initiative von der Open-Source-Gesellschaft
Hinter dem Namen stecken viele, kleine Projekte und lokale Events zur Verbreitung und Unterstützung des Open-Source-Gedanken.
Auf dem Festival sollen Lehrende und Lernende aus aller Welt zusammentreffen um neue, kreative, innovative Ideen zu entfalten, den Open-Source-Gedanken weiter zu entwickeln und zu unterstützen:

Mozilla's Drumbeat Festival is a gathering of teachers and learners around the world, who are experimenting, inventing, creating, exploring and building in new ways with open web-resources.
In line with the event, people, ideas and projects making connections with learning, freedom and the web will be showcased. Discussion topics will be: data portability, open educational resources, secure and decentralized storage in the cloud, open content licenses and open user-controlled online identity.Web tech companies, P2P University course leaders, hackerspaces, online identity experts, wikipedians, software developers, filmmakers, web standards nerds, open web activists, web developers, teachers, foundations and learners of all stripes are invited to join the festival.
Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung finden Siehier.

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