EDEN 2011

15.12.2010 | Veranstaltungshinweis

19.-22.06.2011 University College Dublin, Ireland

Learning and Sustainability - The New Ecosystem of Innovation and Knowledge:

Movements around sustainability and ecology in the past decade changed our approaches and thinking in radical and inclusive ways. Sustainable strategies include the flexibility offered by ICT-supported solutions. Smart use of ICTs in learning is one of the vital factors in making our world more sustainable. We can visualize the natural relationships between sustainability and learning in many contexts. Sustainable e-learning linked to professional development is based on organic organizational and pedagogic perspectives, while using ecologically appropriate technological solutions. The web itself is a kind of ecosystem of innovation for learning. It is important to conceptualize and analyze the changing nature of learning – including lifecycles of learning and knowledge and their methods and paradigms. The role of innovative learning as critical awareness raising factor for global sustainability links organically to education around understanding the contexts of ecological challenges. The aim of the 2011 EDEN conference is to highlight different ways and approaches, in order to integrate better the concept of *responsible and sustainable development within learning*, in its widest sense.

Further Informations, details of the Call for contributions and technical advice can be found at theconference web.

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