CFHE12 -Open Online Course startet am 8. Oktober

02.10.2012 | Veranstaltungshinweis

Ein neuer Open Online Course finanziert von AACE zu "Current/Future State of Higher Education" startet. Ziel des Kurses der bis 16. November gehen soll ist "to explore the complexities of higher education's future".

Organisatoren sind u.a. Educause, AACE, The Chronicel of Higher Education und SOLAR (Society for Learning Analytics Research). Finanziert wird der Kurs von der Bill und Melinda Gates Stiftung, Desire2Learning und dem Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute der Athabasca University. 

Folgende Kursziele werden formuliert:

  1. Explore the scope of change pressures that impact higher education systems globally
  2. Detail how technology is impacting educational practices within higher education institutions
  3. Consider how networks and digital technologies are influencing the balance of power in education and the expectations of the autonomous self-regulated learners driving the power-shift
  4. Evaluate the impact of entrepreneurial and commercial activity in all levels of education: curriculum development, teaching, research, and accreditation
  5. Detail how “big data” and analytics are impacting teaching, learning, and organizational decision making
  6. Analyze and explore the new, distributed, leadership models being utilized by senior administrators
  7. Evaluate how faculty and teaching practices are being impacted by new technologies and new teaching practices
  8. Detail the impact of current economic conditions and globalization on the academy
  9. Describe how the most innovative universities from around the world are responding to change pressures

Hier eine Einführung als Video:

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