Call for Submissions: OpenSym (WikiSym) 2014

17.01.2014 | Veranstaltungshinweis, Ausschreibung

The 10th International Symposium on (Wikis and) Open Collaboration, will be held in Berlin on August 27-29, 2013


The OpenSym 2014 is the premier conference on open collaboration research, including wikis and social media, Wikipedia, free, libre, and open source software, open data, open access, and open educational resources. OpenSym is the first conference series to bring together the different strands of open collaboration research, seeking to create synergies and inspire new research between computer scientists, social scientists, educational researchers, legal scholars, and everyone interested in understanding open collaboration and how it is changing the world.

OpenSym is the successor to the WikiSym conference, which it extends and embraces. For now, WikiSym has become two tracks of OpenSym, the general open collaboration and the Wikipedia research track. Research and community presentations and performances will be accompanied by keynotes, invited speakers, and a social program.

Conference details: OpenSym 2014

The conference features a research program comprised of multiple traditional research tracks and a community program geared towards industry and practitioner interests. Research submissions are peer-reviewed by a research track program committee under the leadership of a research track program chair.

One main focus of the conference is the OER (Open Educational Resources) Research Track, chaired jointly by Ulrike Cress of IWM Tübingen and Astrid Wichmann of Ruhr University Bochum. The OER track seeks contributions from researchers and practitioners investigating learning with OER looking at various aspects that make OER distinct from other educational resources such as openness, access, usage and adoption patterns of OER, collaboration etc.

Call for submissions and deadlines: Paper submissions at OpenSym 2014

Contact: Dirk Riehle, E-Mail:

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