Call for Papers für das Journal for Religion, Film and Media (JRFM)

11.12.2018 | Call for Papers/Participation

JRFM, das Journal für Religion, Film and Media, bietet eine Plattform für die wissenschaftliche Forschung in dem breiten Themenfeld zu Religion und Medien mit dem Schwerpunkt auf audiovisuellen und interaktiven Formen der Kommunikation. Für den nächsten Themenschwerpunkt „Media and Digital Technologies" bittet die Zeitschrift um Beiträge.

JRFM is edited by a network of international film, media and religion experts from different countries and with professional experience in research, teaching and publishing in an interdisciplinary setting, linking perspectives from the study of religion and theology, film, media, visual and cultural studies, and sociology. It emerges from the cooperation between different institutions in Europe, particularly the University of Graz and the University of Munich in cooperation with the Schüren publishing house in Marburg.

It is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication which offers a platform for scholarly research in the broad field of religion and media, with a particular interest in audio-visual and interactive forms of communication. It engages with the challenges arising from the dynamic development of media technologies and their interaction with religion in an interdisciplinary key.

In their latest Call the editors request for papers for their next issue concerning the following topics:

Media and Digital Technologies in Teaching and Studying Religion

  • Contributions that reflect on the use of media in the teaching and study of religion from a variety of disciplines with the aim of providing a forum for scholars and teachers to share experiences, best practices and help develop new standards of the use of media and digital technologies in teaching and research.
  • Contributions that engage the whole range of media, from analogue to digital, from historical to contemporary
  • Understanding of media and reflecting on media-specific dimensions in the articles

Media and Digital Technologies in Research

  • How media and digital technologies can be used to study religions or gather data on offline and online practices
  • Does the use of media technologies add value to the study of religions, do they allow for a better understanding of religious practice, or do they merely replicate, facilitate, or simplify our research practices?
  • Case studies and research findings that exhibit an innovative use of media technologies

Media and Digitial Technologies in Teaching

  • Papers and case studies that share best practices in the use of media and digital technologies in educational settings in and outside the classroom to engage students in a novel way including a reflection on which media technologies are used, how they are used, and how they benefit student learning
  • Investigation of teaching practices that encourage students to use media and digital technologies themselves
  • Specifically submissions that focus these reflections on the teaching of religion from the perspective of religious studies, theology or other disciplines

More Details about the Journal oder the submission can be abstracted by the website of JRFM.

Es handelt sich dabei um einen laufenden Schwerpunkt, das heißt, dass es in den Ausgaben ab 1/2020 vier Nummern lang je einen Schwerpunkt dazu geben wird. Daher sind Einreichungen laufend ab sofort und vorerst bis November 2022 möglich.

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