Call for Papers für die „Conference on the First Year Experience“

03.11.2021 | Call for Papers/Participation

Die „European First Year Experience Conference“ (EFYE) bringt Expertinnen und Experten aus dem Hochschulbereich aus ganz Europa und darüber hinaus zusammen, um sich über die Erfahrungen von Studierenden im ersten Studienjahr auszutauschen. Die kommende EFYE-Konferenz 2022 beleuchtet vom 20. bis 22. April 2022 unter dem Motto „Next stop: University“ drei zentrale Konferenzthemen, die sich an angehende Studierende, Studienanfänger/innen und Lehrende richten. Noch bis zum 08. Dezember 2021 können Beiträge eingereicht werden.

EFYE is an anual Conference on the First Year Experience designed to share ideas, research, development and success of the onboarding process of first-year students. EFYEs host university in 2022 (April 20 – 22) is Graz University of Technology. 

EFYE 2022: „Next stop: University“

Where freshmen come from, what learning experiences, language skills and motivations they have differs. The EFYE 2022 motto Next Stop: University!” refers to this incredible diversity, which has great potential and can be enriching for learning, teaching, research and the university as a whole.

Conference Topics

  • Road to University: Focus on prospective students
  • Transition Station: Focus on beginners
  • Learners square: Focus on teaching staff

Call for Papers 

General Components

  • Conference Topic: Assign your submission to one of the conference topics.
  • Session Type: Choose one of the four offered session types and note the requirements for a successful submission.
  • Session Title: max. 70 characters incl. spaces
  • Detailed Summary: max. 3.000 characters incl. spaces
  • Describe the initiative and your rationale and purpose for adopting it.
  • Session Abstract: max. 1.200 characters incl. spaces
  • Please provide an abstract of your proposed session. This abstract will be used as the description for the session in the conference program, if accepted.
  • Detailed Session Description: max. 2.000 characters incl. spaces
  • Please provide details on your session structure and applied methods / presentation techniques.

Submission is possible until 8. December 2021.

You can find more details about the submission guidelines on the website of EFYE 2022.

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