DisCo2012: "New Media and Education"

This conference is organised by the Centre for Higher Education Studies and New Media Studies at the Department of Information Science and Librarianship at Faculty of Arts of Charles University.Education has been going through significant changes in the past ten years. Usage of so-called new media is one of them. Ten years ago, the Internet alone was a hot topic and the concept of e-learning was finding its way into educational institutions. Today, tools of web 2.0 (social networks, wiki, various forms of co-operation and sharing) are mostly used in education. The conference will discuss the following questions:(1)In what ways are the ubiquitous technologies changing education?(2)In what ways is education being changed by social networks, collaboratively creating a sharing content on the web, web aggregators, tagging, and "folksonomy"?(3)What challenges do these new tools present for distance learning (4)What course will education and especially distance education take in the next few years?

25.06.2012, 04:00 Uhr - 27.06.2012, 04:00 Uhr

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