eLearning Baltics 2013 - International Scientific Conference

The 6th »eLearning Baltics 2013 Conference« (eLBa 2013) brings together international researchers, practitioners, scientific and business people who all use, produce, investigate in and disseminate eLearning products, services, tools and platforms. eLBa 2013 covers all aspects of learning and teaching by considering digital media of various settings such as classroom, university, workplace, home or mobile environments. In the scope of eLBa 2013 you’ll find formal and informal methods, approaches and technologies as being used in different market niches places such as construction, manufacturing and, more specifically - office or shop-floor-level manufacturing, but also approaches in education and research. eLBa 2013 addresses issues and perspectives, technologies and theories, platforms and tools of various eLearning methodologies and approaches comprising very divergent fields, including but not limited to: computer science, pedagogy, psychology and design. eLBa 2013 is structured into tracks and floors: eLBa 2013 Science Track – international scientific paper presentation, eLBa 2013 Business Track – business congress and user forum, eLBa 2013 Exhibition Floor – exhibition of eLearning products and services. Deadline for submission of extended abstracts: February 24, 2013; Deadline for submission of workshop specifications: March 10, 2013! The eLearning Baltics is organised by the Network E-LEARNING@MV, a partnership of organisations from research, industry education and consulting.

20.06.2013, 19:00 Uhr - 21.06.2013, 19:00 Uhr

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