2nd European Conference on Social Media

Universities and other educational institutions are making use of social networking and social media technologies (SNT) for a wide variety of reasons, from marketing themselves to future students, communicating with the current student body and maintaining contact with alumni. There is also a growing interest in how these technologies can be used to support learning, teaching and provide for an enhanced learning environment. From the use of SNT to afford communications and build social communities to supporting collaborative work and study, the applications for SNT to date have been many and various, combining pedagogical and information technology perspectives. There has also been an acknowledgement that the use of such technologies is not unproblematic, with concerns about how students and staff manage privacy and identity asprivate, public and institutional domains overlap in these virtual spaces. The aim of this mini-track is to bring tohether researchers from different disciplines investigating the use of social networking and social media in learning and teaching.

09.07.2015, 18:45 Uhr - 10.07.2015, 18:45 Uhr

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