i-Know 2012

12th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies - Synergies of Knowledge Computing Disciplines i-KNOW 2012 brings together international researchers (in the English speaking i-Science Track) and practitioners (in the German speaking i-Praxis Track) from the fields of knowledge management and knowledge technologies. Opening and closing keynotes and a conference-wide i-Exhibition complete the i-KNOW conference program. i-KNOW 2012 will cover relevant aspects of knowledge management and knowledge technologies in the following fields of research: Knowledge Management, Knowledge Technologies, Knowledge Context, Knowledge Evolution, Knowledge Discovery. i-KNOW 2012 will be held concurrently with I-SEMANTICS 2012, the International Conference on Semantic Systems. The Call for Papers is now available (http://i-know.tugraz.at/i-science/call-for-papers)

05.09.2012, 20:45 Uhr - 07.09.2012, 20:45 Uhr


Doris Meringer Know-Center, Graz University of Technology
E-Mail: i-know@know-center.at

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