2nd CfP: APULS 2008 in conjunction with USAB 2008

20.08.2008 | Veranstaltungshinweis

18. - 21.11.2008 in Graz - Austria

Motivation of the Workshop:
Ubiquitous learning environments overcome the restrictions of classroom or workplace restricted learning and extend e-learning by bringing the concepts of anytime and anywhere to reality, aiming at providing people with educational content in their daily living environments. Using devices such as mobile phones or personal digital assistants (PDA) allows new opportunities for learners by being intensely connected. Therefore, educational content and information can be accessed whenever learners need it, in different areas of life, regardless of space and time. While "ubiquitous technologies in education" is a growing research area, aspects of adaptivity and personalization become more and more important. Incorporating adaptivity and personalization issues in ubiquitous learning systems allows these systems to provide learners with an environment that is not only accessible anytime and anywhere, but also accommodate to the individual preferences and needs of learners. Being aware of and considering the current context of the learners as well as that they have, for example, different prior knowledge, interests, learning styles, learning goals, and so on, leads to a more effective, convenient, and successful learning experience in the ubiquitous learning environments. This workshop deals with innovative research in the area of adaptivity and personalization in ubiquitous learning systems, providing a forum to present and discuss how ubiquitous learning environments can be enhanced with adaptivity and personalization aspects. The overall goal of the workshop is to bring people from different fields together, exchange research ideas and results, and encourage discussion about how to provide learners with valuable and useful learning opportunities in adaptive/personalized ubiquitous learning systems.

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