Online Round Table zu M-Learning und Augmented Reality

28.10.2009 | Veranstaltungshinweis

Donnerstag, 29.10, 20 Uhr

Die Online-Seminarreihe vonEvolve NetworkundEducampschließt am Donnerstag mit einer Diskussionsrunde zu M-Learning und Augmented Reality. Zu Gast ist der ICT-Experten Mark Kramer:“The application of computer-generated imagery in live-video streams on mobile devices, as a way to expand the real-world, is finally available for the masses on an affordable basis. Augmented and mixed-reality scenarios are now a common fixture of our technology arsenal of methods to acquire information about our surroundings. This emergence of augmented reality (AR) also has great potential to support individual and group learning. I will share thoughts and experiences on how AR will change the way we view and experience learning in a situated context.”

Die Veranstaltung findet auf der Plattform Elluminate statt:

Hilfe zur Nutzung von Elluminate:

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