danah boyd über den Informationsfluss im Web 2.0

22.11.2009 | Kurzmeldung

“Streams of Content, Limited Attention: The Flow of Information through Social Media”

Boyd konstatiert, dass sich mit der Verbreitung von Social Software der Charakter des Informationsflusses ändert. Dieser ist nicht länger primär durch Verteilung bestimmt, sondern durch Aufmerksamkeit. Statt einen Zugang zu Informationen zu suchen bzw. zu finden, schwimmen wir im Imformationsstrom mit:„For the longest time, we have focused on sites of information as a destination, of accessing information as a process, of producing information as a task. What happens when all of this changes? … The idea is that you're living inside the stream: adding to it, consuming it, redirecting it.”

Diese Entwicklung hat soziokulturelle Auswirkungen, Boyd untersucht vier Aspekte:
  1. Demokratisierung: „Switching from a model of distribution to a model of attention is disruptive, but it is not inherently democratizing. … Just because we're moving towards a state where anyone has the ability to get information into the stream does not mean that attention will be divided equally.“
  2. Reizumgebung:„People consume content that stimulates their mind and senses. …This is not always the "best" or most informative content, but that which triggers a reaction.“
  3. Homophilie:„In a networked world, people connect to people like themselves….In a world of networked media, it's easy to not get access to views from people who think from a different perspective.“
  4. Macht:„We give power to people when we give them our attention and people gain power when they bridge between different worlds and determine what information can and will flow across the network.“
Weitere Informationen:http://www.danah.org/papers/talks/Web2Expo.html

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