Call for Contributions: ePIC-Conference 2011

17.01.2011 | Veranstaltungshinweis, Ausschreibung

Einreichungsfrist: 31.April 2011

Vom 11. Juli bis 13. Juli findet in London die 9. International ePortfolio and Identity Conference (ePIC) statt. Veranstalter sind das European Institute for E-Learning (EIfEL) in Kooperation mit dem Internet of Subjects Forum (IoS) und dem Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA).

Aus dem Call:

The worldwide emergence of ePortfolios is an indicator of the need to review our approach to education and lifelong learning, at the same time demonstrating that it is possible to make learning and assessment more authentic, integrated and recognised. ePortfolios are at the source of a new generation of tools dedicated to valuing and celebrating the achievements of the individual, from nursery school to lifelong and life wide learning. A technology reinforcing the link between individual, organisational and community learning.

Major themes for the conference will be:

  • Evidence-informed practice as to how far such activities as those defined above are currently being supported effectively by ePortfolio tools and technologies, whether provided within or beyond institutions.
  • Meeting the challenge of providing individuals with the means to fully control their personal data (identity centric Internet, unified personal data store, personal locker, personal proxy, personal agent), and how this might create the conditions for innovation in education (and in ePortfolio technologies and practice).
We are looking forward to presentations addressing a number of challenging issues:
  • Should everybody have an ePortfolio?
  • How do ePortfolios contribute to the identity construction process?
  • How do ePortfolios support the acquisition of 21st century skills?
  • How do ePortfolios support lifelong learning, orientation and employability?
  • How do ePortfolios support learner and reduce drop-out rates
  • ...and many more
Für mehr Informationen zum Call und der ePIC-Conference besuchen Sie bitte dieEIfEL-Website.
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