eLearning Papers: Call for Papers on Cyber Security and Education

02.03.2012 | Ausschreibung

Die Online-Zeitschrift eLearning Papers sucht Beiträge zum Thema „Netzsicherheit und Bildung“. Einreichungen sind bis 16. März möglich. Publikationsdatum der Online-Zeitschrift ist der 20. April 2012.

Aus dem Call  for Papers on Cyber Security and Education:

Addressing Cyber Security in schools should foster critical digital literacy, such that children can become empowered to make informed decisions about how they choose to use and share information online. eLearning Papers seeks contributions for its 28th edition.

eLearning Papers seeks contributions about Cyber Security for young people and the educational sector in both sections: In-Depth and From the Field. We specifically invite contributions which address one or several of the following issues:

  • Useful approaches to online security in curriculum design and teaching practice
  • Good practice in Cyber Security
  • Teaching, learning and promoting critical digital literacy
  • Defining at-risk populations and specific security concerns
  • National approaches to online safety; national information society policies or ICT in education policies
  • Competences for online safety education
  • Safety risks for young people and children (safe behaviour online, privacy issues, cyber-bullying, intellectual property rights, involuntary disclosure, etc.)
    Gastherausgeber ist Jean Underwood, Professor der Psychologie in Nottingham Trent University, UK.

    Einreichungen sind bis 16. März 2012 möglich.

    Datum der Veröffentlichung ist der 20. April 2012.

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