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28.11.2018 | Call for Papers/Participation

Exchanged ist ein Programm welches sich aus fünf Webinaren und einer Tagung in Zürich zusammensetzt. Im Fokus des Projekts liegt das Thema Learning und Teaching in the Arts in the Digital Age, wozu Konzepte, Erfahrungen und Best Practices ausgetauscht werden. Im Rahmen dessen werden Partner und Teilnehmende aus dem Bereich E-Learning an Kunsthochschulen gesucht.

What kind of skills are required for e-learning and e-teaching in the arts? What do educational technologies and digitally-based methodologies look like? And which best case practices can art universities learn from?

Exchanged is a collaborative, interactive and international format for art universities to promote the sharing of ideas and experiences in digital learning and teaching. The focus is on exploring concepts together and learning from one another based on best practices. Collaboratively, the project creates new digital possibilities to shape art education in the digital age, helping students and teachers achieve learning and teaching goals, digitally.

Exchanged takes the form of five live collaborative webinars and a final “live” conference in Zurich. The participants can expect to learn more about digital learning and teaching initiatives at other art universities, recieve inputs from other professionals on your e-learning challenges, get inspired to try new initiatives, and widen your professional network.

Charlotte Axelsson and Renato Soldenhoff are the initiators of Exchanged and e-learning experts at Zurich University of the Arts. They are looking for interested partners and participants, who want to take part and play an active role.

More information about Exchanged can be abstracted by the website.

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