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16.07.2015 | Call for Papers/Participation

Die 44. Ausgabe beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema "The Teacher's Role in Educational Innovation". Beiträge können noch bis zum 4. August 2015 eingereicht werden.

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Aus dem Ausschreibungstext:

"The proliferation of hi-tech solutions in the digital era has not obscured a simple truth: nothing has a greater impact on students’ education outcomes than the quality of their teaching and learning experiences, and no-one knows better than teachers how learning takes place in practice.

Issue 44 of eLearningPapers aims to investigate teacher-led innovations in Europe in greater depth. We need to inspire more teacher-led innovations in Europe. We need to see inspiration and improvement at all levels: in classrooms, schools, other institutions, and in education administration. We need to connect students, teachers, principals, policymakers, researchers and other innovators in order to create sustainable innovations. We need to consider the many issues to consider to reach these goals, and so we are looking for papers on:

  • New paradigms for the teacher role as an active innovator, and for encouraging teaching initiative;
  • Incentivising classroom innovation;
  • Scaling up innovative classroom practices;
  • Examples of teachers adopting and adapting innovations;
  • Models for fostering collaboration between teachers and entrepreneurs;
  • Innovations as outcomes of teacher collaboration;
  • Adjusting teacher training models;
  • Development of innovation ecosystems;
  • New business models to encourage innovations."

Weitere Details entnehmen Sie bitte dem kompletten Call for Papers.


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