Call for Papers für die Konferenz „Diversity in the Digital Foreign Language Classroom“

15.07.2022 | Call for Papers/Participation

Am 30. und 31. März 2023 findet die Konferenz „Diversity in the Digital Foreign Language Classroom“ (DDFLC) an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Ludwigsburg statt. Ziel des Verbundprojekts ist das Vorantreiben digitaler Lehre und Forschung zu Diversity, sowie die Digitalisierungsfähigkeiten und das Diversity-Bewusstsein für zukünftige Englischlehrer/innen während ihres Bachelor- und Masterstudiums zu verbessern. Beiträge können bis zum 30. September 2022 eingereicht werden.

The conference addresses the challenges of digitalisation and diversity faced in foreign language classrooms. Researchers and practitioners are invited to present their latest work. The aim is to explore avenues for future teaching. While there is a wide array of research on e-learning and diversity, the particular implications for teaching in diverse spaces, e.g. foreign language classroom contexts, have yet to be explored. The conference aims at making a significant contribution to closing this gap by bringing together a broad array of disciplinary and interdisciplinary experts and approaches.

The main questions are: What are the theoretical foundations on which digital teaching and e-learning are built? How do those affect foreign language classroom contexts? How does digitalisation affect or enhance research on and conceptualisations of diversity across the fields of linguistics, literary and cultural studies? What are didactic implications within the foreign language classroom context? How do e-learning concepts support foreign language teachers in handling heterogeneous learner groups in classrooms or responding to the particular abilities and needs of learners?

In response to the challenges of digitalisation and diversity, the conference will place a dual focus on exploring the benefits of digital teaching in delineating and advancing diversity both as a concept and a method in the foreign language classroom.


Research Papers

You are invited to submit an abstract of up to 250 words (excluding references) by September 30, 2022, along with a brief biographical sketch (150 words). At the conference, presentations of accepted papers will be 20 minutes, plus discussion at the end of each session.

Poster Session

Please submit your poster title and a description of up to 250 words (excluding references) with your innovative virtual teaching ideas by September 30, 2022, along with a brief biographical sketch (150words).

Contributors will be notified by November 15, 2022.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Call for Papers (PDF) auf der Webseite der Universität Stuttgart.

About the conference

This conference forms part of the joint project „Lehrerbildung PLUS: Heterogenität und Digitalisierung“ (Heterogeneity and Digitalisation) between the Ludwigsburg University of Education and Stuttgart University and is convened by Prof. Dr. Jörg-U. Keßler, Richard Powers, Prof. Dr. Marc Priewe, Dr. Saskia Schabio, and Prof. Dr. Götz Schwab.


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